Global Webinar:VSD Closure with KONAR-MF™ Multifunctional Occluder
Global Webinar:VSD Closure with KONAR-MF™ Multifunctional Occluder

Recently, the Global Webinar-VSD Closure with KONAR-MF™ Multifunctional Occluder organized by Lifetech was successfully held. More than 400 doctors from Asia Pacific, Europe, North America and Latin America participated in and had a warm discussion online together. 

This international online seminar is the second section of Lifetech Comprehensive Congenital Intervention Development Program (LCCP). Professor Worakan Promphan, a well-known pediatric congenital heart diseaseCHDexpert in Thailand, and Professor Nageswara Rao Koneti from India were invited as the moderator.

Prof. Worakan Promphan and Nageswara Rao Koneti were giving the opening speech

The global top CHD experts participated in the webinar, including Italian Professor Mario Carminati, Argentinean Professor Jesus Damsky, Philippine Professor Jean Villareal, Indonesian Professor Radityo Prakoso, Malaysian Professor Ghee Tiong Koh, and American Professor Daniel McLennan. They shared and deeply discussed the experience of using KONAR-MF™ multifunctional Occluders online. 

The webinar divided into two sessions. At the beginning of the first session, Professor Nageswara Rao Koneti gave an opening speech titled with "Quest for a better device - KONAR-MF™ Occluder." As the co-inventor of LifeTech's KONAR-MF™ multifunctional occluder, Professor Nageswara Rao Koneti gave valuable suggestions to the device design from the perspective of the clinical needs. LifeTech integrated it with its innovative R&D ideas and rich device design experience, successfully developed and commercialized this advanced novel multifunctional occluder.

Indian Prof. Nageswara Rao was giving a speech

Professor Jesus Damsky, a well-known Argentinean interventional CHD expert, shared his experience of using KONAR-MF™ multifunctional occluders and the results of mid-term follow-up study of the device in his hospital. The follow-up results showed that several newborns with ventricular septal defects (VSD) combined with severe circulatory failure all in a good condition after the MFO multifunctional occluders implantation.

Procedures for newborns with complex CHD are very challenging, and it is very difficult to achieve the satisfied procedure results with normal CHD occluders. The KONAR-MF™ multifunctional occluder is softer and suitable for infants and newborns. In addition, the device supports retrograde and antegrade approaches, which is a safe and effective therapy for CHD patients.

Argentinean Prof. Jesus Damsky was giving a speech

Professor Mario Carminati, the world-renowned pediatric cardiologist, Councilor of the Association for European Pediatric Cardiology and President of the Italian Society of Pediatric Cardiology, shared his experience of using the KONAR-MF™ multifunctional occluder. Professor Mario Carminati introduced five special challenging cases in details, and he fully affirmed the innovative design and the excellent operating performance of the KONAR-MF™ multifunctional occluder. He also emphasized the device could be applied for different VSD anatomies through retrograde or antegrade approach. In addition, thanks to the soft waist design of the KONAR-MF™ multifunctional occluder, no atrioventricular block was found in all the cases after the procedure. At last, the professor particularly emphasized for low weight infants, it is possible to close the defects through the carotid artery with the KONAR-MF™ multifunctional occluder.

Italian Prof. Mario Carminati was giving a speech

At the end of the first session, the Philippine top pediatrician and the director of the Philippine Heart Center, Professor Jean Villareal, shared several challenging cases with KONAR-MF™ multifunctional occluders in low weight children (the weight less than 10kgs).

Philippine Prof. Jean Villareal was giving a speech


In the second session, Professor Radityo Prakoso, President of the Indonesian Heart Association, introduced the KONAR-MF™ multifunctional occluder implantation without X ray. He shared the first zero fluoroscopy VSD closure case using the KONAR-MF™ device. This method not only ensures the safe and effective closure for patients, but also could avoid the long-time exposure of patients and medical staff to the radiation, minimizing the radiation caused harm.

Indonesian Prof. Radityo Prakoso was giving a speech

Professor Ghee Tiong Koh, Director of the Pediatric Cardiac Center of Serdang Hospital in Malaysia, shared the challenging VSD closure cases using KONAR-MF multifunctional occluders in Malaysia. Professor Ghee Tiong Koh highly praised the device’s unique advantagesincluding the excellent flexibility, low-profile delivery sheath, easy to operate and deployment, and he believed the device could be the best choice for the VSD closure.

Malaysian Ghee Tiong Koh was giving a speech

American pediatric CHD expert Daniel McLennan participated in the online communication and discussion. Professor Daniel McLennan expressed he gained a deeper understanding of the excellent performance of LifeTech's KONAR-MF™ multifunctional occluder from this global webinar, and he believed this device not only can be applied to the VSD closure, but also has the possibility of being used in other indications.

American Prof. Daniel McLennan was giving a speech

The last speech was made by the well-known Thai pediatric CHD expert Professor Worakan Promphan. The speech titled with "KONAR-MF™: What’s the next frontier", and the professor shared his experience of using KONAR-MF™ multifunctional occluders in VSD closures, patent ductus arteriosus closures and coronary artery fistula closures.

Professor Worakan Promphan believed that the KONAR-MF™ multifunctional occluder has a great potential to be developed to a series of occluders that could be suitable for the closure of a variety of defects, matching with the steerable and low-profile delivery sheath that could build up a KONAR-MF™ devices family.

Thai Prof. Worakan Promphan was giving a speech

After the academic exchange, the experts online expressed they have learnt a lot, and they all impressed by the innovative design of the KONAR-MF™ multifunctional occluder.

Experts and Mr. Richard Huang, the Vice President of LifeTech International Sales and Marketing Business Unit were giving the closing speech